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Why Teeth Cleanings Are Important


Over time, plaque and tartar can build up on your teeth & eventually lead to tooth decay. While regular brushing & flossing at home can help prevent this buildup, it can’t necessarily remove it. That’s why Dr. Camps for a professional cleaning is so important.

Even if you have impeccable home oral hygiene habits, there is still work for your dental hygienist to do at your teeth cleaning appointment to help prevent tooth decay. The cleaning you get with Dr. Camps is a more thorough cleaning than you can get at home, even if you’re a brushing & flossing superstar.

If left on your teeth, icky buildups of plaque & tartar create an ideal habitat for bacteria to thrive. Allowing bacteria to stay on your teeth & near your gums can lead to both tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can cause you to lose your teeth. Bacteria has a harder time sticking to smooth, clean teeth than rough or fuzzy-feeling teeth with plaque and tartar on them.

Plus, having a professional teeth cleaning at the dentist means you have a head start on keeping your teeth clean. Rather than battling potentially years of buildup, getting your teeth cleaned regularly means you get a clean start every six months, and it will be that much easier to get a smooth, shiny smile at home between dental visits.

Best of all, cleaning can save you money in the long run. Most insured patients don’t pay anything out of pocket for their cleanings, so it’s essentially free. Plus, if you catch problems early or can prevent them you could eliminate the need for more expensive procedures to restore damage from tooth decay or gum disease in the future.


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