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Motivation Charts

Motivating your child to brush their teeth or encourage them to stop sucking their thumb and/or putting their fingers in their mouths can be pretty hard work. That’s why we’ve created these fun charts for you and your child to use as a rewards system.

You can place a sticker or color in the boxes/circles for each day that they brush their teeth twice or refrain from sucking their thumb. We have ready-to-use color versions available as well as black and white sketches that your children can color in themselves.

These charts work best in an appropriate common area of the house. For example, you can place the teeth brushing chart in the bathroom for easy tracking and the thumb sucking chart on the fridge in the kitchen to ensure it gets updated daily.

To get started, click on each image below to access printable versions of each chart. Coming Soon: a blank chart to track any habit you choose!

I Brush My Teeth Chart


I Brush My Teeth Chart - Ready to Use

Coloring Page

I Brush My Teeth Chart - Coloring Chart

No Thumb Sucking for Me Chart


No Thumb Sucking for Me Chart - Ready to use

Coloring Page

No Thumb Sucking for Me Chart - Coloring page


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