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How to Ease Your Child’s Dental Anxiety


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Some children are afraid of visiting kids dental service centers. It might be because of a past bad experience, or it might just be a general fear of the unknown. Regardless of what’s causing the fear, it is important that parents work with their children to help overcome this fear before becoming an adult. A lot of children carry on this fear as they grow up, and about 26% of adults in the United States are suffering from untreated tooth decay. Here’s how you can help your child overcome dental anxiety.

Avoid Using Negative Language

Going to a kids dental service provider is already scary enough for children. Avoid using negative language that might scare your child a lot more. While it’s good to be upfront and honest with your child, try to avoid using words like “pain” and “hurt.” The best thing to do is to explain to your child that the dentist and their team are trying their best to help them get better and remain healthy. This positive reinforcement might be the only thing your child needs to be more comfortable at the dentist’s office.

Take Your Child to Your Own Appointments

Keep in mind that you are the first role model to your children. This means if your children see you doing something, they will likely want to do it too. If you have a dental checkup, take your child with you so they can see what happens at the dentist. They can see how you positively interact with the dentist and their staff and may quench their own fears just by becoming familiar with the office. However, it may not be a great idea to bring your child to the dentist if you are experiencing dental anxiety, as well.

Bring Your Child’s Favorite Toy With Them to the Dentist’s Office

Children can feel calmer during an appointment if they have their favorite toy with them. This can be quite comforting in times of fear. If your child has a stuffed animal or a small toy that you can easily take to the dentist’s office, that can be the solution you are looking for for your child’s anxiety. Sometimes dentists also have a collection of children’s toys in the office to help with anxiety.

These are some of the things you can do to ease your child’s dental anxiety. It’s always important to make sure that your child understands the importance of going to the dentist so they can carry this with them into adulthood. You can also contact the experts at Dr. Camps Pediatric Dental Center for more dental service tips

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