Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


A Message From Our Team: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear Treasured Patients and Families, As per industry recommendations, and after careful thought and consideration, our office will be unable to see regularly scheduled patients at this time. Currently, we are unable to provide a reopen date. Please note that we have limited administrative staff available via telephone. As always, a doctor will be on … Continued

Actualización del coronavirus (COVID-19)

Queridos y apreciados paciente y familias, Deceamos comunicarnos con usted para hacerle saber que la seguridad de usted, sus hijos y nuestro equipo es de suma importancia para nosotros. Nosotro utilizamos estrictas precauciones universals que se han mantenido en se mantendran lugar en Dr. Camps Pediatric Dental Center. Nos asegurarnos que todos ol los equipos … Continued

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear Valued Patients and Families, We wanted to reach out to you to let you know that your family and our team’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. At this time, Dr. Camps Pediatric Dental Center will remain open to serve your dental needs. We adhere strict Universal Precautions that have always been … Continued

Is Your Child Drinking Too Much Juice?

Parents are often surprised when I tell them that fruit juice isn’t always the healthiest option for their kids. The truth of the matter is, most store-bought juices and fruit drinks are loaded with added sugar and preservatives, leading to tooth decay at early ages. In general, fruit juice offers really no added nutritional benefit … Continued

Start Life With Strong Teeth

The foundation for a healthy lifelong smile begins in childhood, even in infancy. Some people think that children’s dental health doesn’t matter all that much. Baby teeth are going to fall out anyway, so it doesn’t matter if kids have cavities, right? Wrong. First, a healthy mouth allows children to speak well and eat their … Continued

The First Doctor to Preach Dental Hygiene

The First Doctor to Preach Dental Hygiene   Everyone today cleans their teeth (or at least knows that they should). We do it at home with a daily regimen of brushing, flossing and rinsing, and then we supplement home care with periodic professional dental cleanings. But the idea that it’s important to clean your teeth … Continued

3 Ways to Teach Children Good Oral Hygiene at Home

No one wants to look in the mirror and see food caught in their teeth- it can be embarrassing. But keeping food from getting stuck in your teeth isn’t just about maintaining appearances. A clean mouth means a healthy mouth. With proper oral hygiene, you’ll avoid the build up of plaque, discoloration, gingivitis and other … Continued

Halloween: A Kid’s Dream and a Dentist’s Nightmare

All kids (and some parents) want to load up on all the Halloween candy they can get. Why even have the “Trick” in “Trick or Treat”?! Right?   As a pediatric dentist, I obviously don’t want your kids to eat too many sweets. Although I love seeing their smiling faces, I don’t want to find … Continued

The Upsides and Downsides of Pacifiers

Babies are born with an innate sucking reflex for feeding, but babies also find sucking to be a soothing and enjoyable activity in itself. Pacifiers are a way to give babies an outlet for their sucking predisposition and to make them feel calm and reassured. The word “pacify” is right there in the name. Generally … Continued

Best Healthy Snacks for Kids This School Year – Easy, Quick and On-The-Go

Summer is quickly approaching which means shuttling kids to soccer practice, busy days at dance recitals, sleepovers, and convenient snacks and meals in-between. Handing your kids pre-packaged snacks or stopping at the drive-thru saves time, but these snacks tend to contain larger amounts of calories and sugar which can lead to pesky cavities. Dr. Camps … Continued

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