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Why Are Dental X-Rays Important?


X-rays have been used as a diagnostic and monitoring tool for decades. When used in dentistry, they can give your dentist a picture of hard and soft tissues in the mouth. This enables your dentist to make the most efficient treatment plan for your teeth. Here are some other reasons why dental X-rays are important.

Development Monitoring

According to Kids Health, children should visit a pediatric dentist when their first tooth appears to prevent dental problems. Ideally, this visit should be no later than their first birthday. There are several conditions that can start in childhood and progress to more serious issues in adulthood. It’s important for these conditions to be identified and corrected when a child is still growing. That way, they can enter adulthood with a perfect set of teeth. Dental x-rays make it easier for dentists to monitor the development of teeth in children. Apart from that, they can also monitor how the jawbones are developing. Early detection can help the dentist correct or limit further damage to the teeth and other areas of the mouth.

Better Diagnostics

Having a clear picture of what’s happening with teeth can improve the accuracy of diagnostics. This will enable the dentist to come up with a treatment plan that is customized according to what they would have seen on an x-ray. X-rays can reveal issues that are not so obvious on the surface. They will show a dentist other abnormalities that stay out of sight during visual examinations. That enables faster diagnosis and more effective treatment plans. If the dentist is not so sure what’s happening in your mouth, treatment will be delayed.

Problems Can Be Caught Early

There are lots of conditions that may not present themselves on the outside initially. Dental x-rays can reveal what’s happening beneath the surface, making it easier for the dentist to see if there are any conditions developing before they turn into bigger problems. This includes conditions like bone loss, tooth decay, cysts, gum disease, abscesses, and other masses. A dentist can also be able to identify how many wisdom teeth you have or if there are any impacted teeth. That way, they will be able to take more efficient care of you.

Are you having problems with your teeth? It’s important to have issues diagnosed early so they can be treated before they cause complications. Get in touch with Dr. Camps Pediatric Dental Center today if you suspect that your child might have dental concerns.

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