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Signs You May Be In Need of Dental Care


Oftentimes, we can disregard toothaches and gum sensitivity as unimportant. However, these aches and pains can be signs that your oral hygiene needs some help – or even the first symptoms of a dental emergency.

Poor dental care can lead to many problems. Bad dental hygiene can cause gingivitis, mouth sores, halitosis, decay, and many other issues that can extend to other parts of the body, causing much larger issues later on.

Children can also suffer from poor oral hygiene. In children, poor oral health can lead to dental pain, eating and learning problems, low self-esteem, and a diminished quality of life. Visiting the dentist as soon as these symptoms occur can help stop the issue before it worsens over time.

Here are three signs to look out for when it comes to oral hygiene issues in your child that may need the care of a pediatric dentist:

1. Toothaches

The discomfort of a toothache can range from throbbing to searing and stabbing pain. The child may endure increased and uncomfortable sensitivity to temperature changes in food and even sweets. All of these signs point to an issue that will need professional insight from your pediatric dentist. If ignored, it can likely cause an infection that will only get worse. This will require more invasive and costly treatments to solve the issue later on.

2. Tender Gums

Apart from tenderness, the child could be experiencing swelling, redness, or bleeding. In that case, the likelihood is high that they have early-stage gingivitis or another type of periodontal disease. If this happens, contact your dentist as soon as possible.

3. Shifting or Lose Teeth

Aside from wiggly baby teeth, having loose teeth around the age of 12 could be a problem. It is essential to see a pediatric dentist if this happens. Adult teeth that are loose could be a sign of periodontitis, which is advanced gum disease. A professional will be able to look at them and determine what is going on and fix the issue as quickly as possible.

In any case, don’t delay seeing a dentist if you notice some strange new development that concerns you. Mention it to your dentist as quickly as possible to avoid further problems. If you are looking for a dentist for your child, contact us today for a consultation!

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