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How Your Pediatric Dentist can Keep You and Your Child At Ease During the Visit


child dentist

Taking your preschooler to a child dentist is important as it helps secure their future dental health. During the visit, developing issues such as cavities can be identified before they become problematic. The parent also learns about oral hygiene and problems to watch out for as the baby grows.

The American Dental Association recommends going for the first visit within one year or six months after the first tooth appears. Even if there is no problem, ensure you visit a child dentist as recommended. That way, you can avoid taking your child through costly and uncomfortable procedures. You’ll also be in a better position to anticipate and identify oral health issues common with infants that include baby bottle decay, spacing, alignment, and formation of teeth.

Having said that, for some parents, taking their young ones to a child dentist is easier said than done. The unusual exam room, equipment, and strangers can be overwhelming for your little one. Here’s how a pediatric dentist can help your child during the visit.

Being Friendly and Approachable

It can be disappointing to visit a dentist who is unfriendly and does not pay attention to the patient. Pediatric dentists who are not engaging and friendly will only make the process feel more anxious for the child.

Pediatric dentistry requires practitioners to have the requisite training and experience to handle children. They should be warm, approachable, and can make the child feel at ease. Professional staff can quickly spot feelings of anxiety and come up with ways to address them.

For example, untrained parents may not be aware that certain words may intensify their children’s fear. A child dentist will use phrases such as “looking for sugar bugs,” “counting the teeth,” and “working on the smile.”

It is also the responsibility of a kid’s dentist to educate adults on good oral hygiene habits. They will also discover the positive words they can use to get their young ones motivated.

A Conducive Office Environment for Pediatric Dentistry

The first visit to the dentist is meant to familiarize the parent and the child with the process. Impressions of the child’s dentist will start in the waiting room. A pediatrician’s office may have children’s books or toys to distract young ones.

Your kid’s dentist in Silver Spring, MD, office must be warm and welcoming. But it must also be neat and without clutter. Keeping the decor nice and simple will help to avoid spooking anxious children. It should also have nice and comfy seats where parents will feel at home. Enough space in the exam room will allow adults to sit and watch the procedure comfortably. When the parent is pleased, the children are more likely to be calm.

Toys for Kid’s Dental Care

Just like adults, not all children are the same. Some are more outgoing, talkative, and even naughty, while others may show signs of shyness, withdrawal, or unwillingness to talk to strangers.

A trained child’s dentist should have the experience to detect these personality traits. They can find ways to make the young ones feel calm and relaxed. In kids dental care, toys can be invaluable in several ways.

Small Sized Equipment

Of course, children do not have the same body proportions as adults. That means pediatric dentists use small-sized equipment for the little patients. Some tests may involve the use of sophisticated medical tools to test the gums and teeth. A child’s dentist should have the skill to examine a preschooler with such tools.

The first visits to a child dentist are important for the dental health of your young one. The anxiety that your little one may experience is not unusual. Pediatricians have the requisite training to anticipate such problems. Not all professionals are the same. Finding the right one can make future visits easier and even fun and enjoyable for your young one.

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