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Top 5 Dental Care Tips for Your Kids


dental care for kids

Most children are susceptible to tooth decay, and it can be horrifying when you realize that your kid is developing dental issues, especially when there is something you could have done to prevent it. Sadly, some parents believe that brushing teeth and flossing are the only remedies to dental problems, but they don’t realize that countless habits damage their kid’s teeth that brushing or flossing won’t solve. As your kid grows, it’s essential to introduce them to new dental care methods. To that end, here are the most effective dental care tips for kids’ teeth as they grow.

1. Keep All Surfaces Dry

Every year, there are countless cases of children who are rushed to hospitals with dental emergencies because they have broken their teeth after slipping on wet surfaces. Keep the floors dry and mop up any spills as quick as you can.

Also, as part of dental care for kids, ensure that you baby proof your bathroom. You can do this by having dry mats outside the bathtub and anti-slip mats inside to prevent accidents. Remember that slips in this area can lead to broken teeth, trauma, and severe pain.

2. Have Regular Dental Checks

It’s recommended that you take your kids to the dentist once their teeth sprout. Early kids dental care will ensure that you prevent teeth decay, and you will be in control of your child’s oral health. A pediatric dentist can help you with this as they offer dental care for kids of all ages.

They also cater to dental emergencies, and some accept insurance. They will also guide you on your kid’s oral care, including cleanings, oral hygiene, sealants, and nutrition counseling, that will prevent teeth-related issues.

3. Reduce Intake of Sugary Foods

Your child probably demands sweet treats all the time. However, children’s dentists advise parents to limit their sugar intake since studies show that sugar feeds the bacteria found in the teeth, which can cause cavities.

When you visit the local convenience store, check the foods’ and beverages’ sugar content as a precautionary measure. Remember also to limit your kid’s sugary drinks intake.

4. Train your Kid on Good Oral Habits

It’s essential to train your child on oral hygiene when they are still young so that the habits stick in their minds. Before your baby develops the first teeth, clean their gums using a soft washcloth or a silicone finger brush. For young children with teeth but who are yet to develop fine motor skills, it is recommended that you brush their teeth twice daily with a fluoride-based toothpaste. Also, remember to floss their teeth.

You should then begin teaching them how to brush and floss their teeth before bedtime and avoid taking sugary food till the next morning.

5. Rinsing Their Mouths After Meals

Most pediatric dentists recommend rinsing mouths after meals as a practical tip for dental care for kids since it removes clogged food in between the teeth. Train your kid to swish clean water for around a minute, then spit the water. The practice also helps prevent enamel erosion, which is usually caused by acids found in food.

Keeping tabs on your child’s oral health carries a lot of immediate benefits. Furthermore, you also wouldn’t want them to blame you for dental issues when they grow older. Implementing these tips will not only help protect their dental health but also help reduce your dental bills.

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